Keeping time


This is inspired by hearing of Elinor Ostrom’s last words before she died: ‘Time is the natural resource in the shortest supply’.


Outside is glorious

These afternoon hours of forgotten sun

These astounding blossoms and their scent

The peace of these garden days

It is all these

Beneath these

There’s something

Something like watching for your stop on an unfamiliar route

Something like hearing the soft wind as a threat

Something like thirst with no tap near

It is something

What is it?

It is gnawing

What is gnawing at the bone with milk teeth?

What is slowly baring the bone of sinew?

What is it pinching at the marrow?

It is years

Coming years

It is advances in time

Time that polishes each day to dazzle

Time that leaves gifts of hours then takes them

Time that goes without the saving of place

Without salvage


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