Blue portrait


I haven’t posted anything here since August 2016. I’m not sure what happened. I became a bit distracted by politics, what with the EU Referendum and Trump. I stopped writing poetry after going on a course that made me wonder if I was any good at it. I also started taking evening art classes at City Lit and Morley College. From this, I have a mountain of drawings and paintings, some of which I need to photograph and share here.

I’ve just started an illustration course at City Lit and our homework was to create a self-portrait for use as an avatar (e.g. on your business cards). The rule was it had to include an object, inspired by the work of Christoph Niemann.

I used a couple of blue slices of geode to stand in for my eyes, which are blue of course. And to suggest something about seeing the world idealistically, and referring to my thing about the colour blue.

I’m excited about learning more about illustration. My art is already pretty illustrative, and I tend to make images that correspond with poems. I’m hoping it will stir me to get back into writing, but coming at it with more simplicity and clarity.


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