About Graftage


Graftage is the practice of grafting plants together in horticulture. This is my place to share some of my creative work, which usually refers to ecological themes, and grafting together images and words. It’s also graft, my first beginnings, at least in poetry.

Other places I do personal writing or projects are:

The Learning Planet, where I write about my professional, political and research interests in culture, learning and ecology.

Beuysterous, which is all about creative actions for trees.

More of my photographs are here.

I’ve started sharing my creative practice through Creativity Clubs, like a Book Group but where you imagine and make together.

And about me in a nutshell.

2 responses to “About Graftage

  1. Greetings. I admire the work of the Dark Mountain Project and have come across Em Strang in ‘Resurgence’ magazine. I find my blog a great place for trying new ideas and posting photos and poems that are ‘of the moment’ although it’s sometimes tough to know that to post and what to hold back if you’re attempting to get published. Nice to meet you, and I enjoyed the Seal King poem.

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